Keep an Eye on your property & loved ones

We Supply and install stunning CCTV solutions that enable you to keep an eye on there home, holiday home, office, store room, warehouse or childs room via an app installed on your phone or tablet. You can access it remotely from anywhere in the world. With an extra set of eyes you wont believe the peace of mind it gives you.

We do CCTV Installations, Upgrades & Maintenance.

Besides viewing the Cameras on your Phone or Tablet you can also view them on a Dedicated CCTV Monitor or your TV in the Lounge or Bedroom.

CCTV Camera App.png

Security Beams

Create a safety perimeter around your property

We Install security beam solutions on your house, holiday house , warehouse , farm, etc so that you get notified the minute the perimeter is breached.

Security Beams

Access Control

Restrict Access and keep track of time and attendance

We install Electronic Door Locks & Biometric Finger Print Access Control Solutions. See what time your staff clock in & clock out.

Access Control