So you've seen a Board in your area that the Area is Fibre Ready


 Excellent!  All you need is a Fibre Router and Fibre Data Package.


It's Time to Activate  your   Uncapped Fibre   

 All our Fibre Packages are Month 2 Month, No Contracts.

Applying for Fibre has never been easier.

1. Fill in the form below  


2. WhatsApp your Name and Address to 071 275 3413

As soon as we have your request  a sales representative will give you a few options to choose from.

10 Meg Uncapped Fibre

10 Mbps Download

5 to 10 Mbps Upload

R 719.00 Per Month

20 Meg Uncapped Fibre

20 Mbps Download

10 to 20 Mbps Upload

R 911.00 Per Month

50 Meg Uncapped Fibre

50 Mbps Download

20 to 50 Mbps Upload

R 1,079.00 Per Month

100 Meg Uncapped Fibre

100 Mbps Download

50 to 100 Mbps Upload

R 1,182.00 Per Month

Fibre Request Form

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