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Uncapped Packages

Fibre Speeds

20 Mbps to 1000 Mbps

Month to Month Contract

Some Fibre Line Installations are FREE 

( It all depends on the site. )

20 Gig to Uncapped Packages

LTE Speeds from

10 Mbps to 150 Mbps

( It all depends on Coverage )

Domain Registration  .com  .net  .org etc

Over 100 Domain Extensions.

Get your own personal private

or business domain.

Domain Hosting

Domain Parking

Work from Anywhere with any Device.

Powered by Google.

Syncs your Contacts, Calendar, Inbox, Deleted, Drafts, Sent & Mail Folders between your Phone, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop 

30 Gig to 1TB Cloud Storage


LTE 4G & 5G


Business E-mail

If you have Fibre or LTE at home or office you can say goodbye to your old school phone line. 

Let's cancel the phone line, save money and port your home phone number to the cloud.

We can either provide you with a Cordless Voip Phone or you can have an app installed on your smart phone to answer your home phone calls.

Call Rates to CellPhones

@ 80 cents Per Minute

Call Rates to Telkom Land Lines @ 39 Cents Per Minute

Only R 199.00 Incl Vat 

Per Month

Are you still using Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013?

Now you can upgrade to Microsoft Office 365

1 User , 1 Year, Free Updates

Word, Excel, Outlook  and Power Point

Only R 125.00 Incl Vat

Per User, Per Month

Automatic Annual Renewal

Linux Hosting Packages

All hosted on Solid State Drives for stability & performance.

Now you can design and host your Wordpress Website.

Cpanel Control Panel

Pop Email Accounts

We do Plug n Play and Hybrid Intergrated Inverter Solutions

Modified & Pure SineWave Inverters

Gel & Lithium Batteries

1 KVA, 2 KVA, 3 KVA, 5 KVA,

8 KVA  & 16 KVA Inverters

We also have Power Banks and Small Mobile Solutions for when you go on Holiday or Camping or need backup power at a conference or meeting.

Deye sunsynk mecer rct lifepo4 lithium srne

hubble bluenova blue nova volta gizzu

trolley jackery lemoen solar 24v 12v 52v 54 v 48v

deep cycle 20 amp 30 amp 40 amp coc dyness

off grid load shedding backup power stage 1

stage 2 stage4 stage6 magneto ecoflow

rubicon synapse



Office 365

Website Hosting

Load Shedding

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